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Listen Apron

My wife says I don't listen (or something like that.)

Responsibility Apron

"Another Fine Day Ruined by Responsibility"

Drunk Apron

"As I've grown older I've learned not to stress so much. Just kidding. I'm drunk."

Beer Like Apron

"Beer Like"

Thinking It Apron

"Everyone was thinking it. I just said it."

Ale Yeah Apron

"Ale Yeah"

Like A Girl Apron

"A boy told me I play like a girl. I told him if he tried harder He could too."

Like Bacon Apron

"Like Bacon"

PI Apron

"Easy as 3.14159265359..."

Cookies Apron

"If I have 10 cookies, and you ask me for 2, how many cookies do I have left? That's right. Ten"

Cheeseburger Machine Apron

"Cheeseburger Machine"

Trap Apron

"Don't Grow Up. It's A Trap."