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Grab Bag T-shirts

SKU: GB101
Size of 2nd Tshirt:
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Not one but TWO Grabbag Tee’s of our choice for only 4.99 each!

We choose from overstock, discontinued, or other random Tee’s we have in our inventory.  Just choose your size and we’ll do the rest.  Because you get two Tee’s, you get to pick two sizes.  Keep them both, or keep one for yourself and give the second to a buddy.  You’ll look like a big shot! (We’ll never tell that it was such a good deal!)

Grabbag items CANNOT be returned or exchanged.

Customer Reviews

Reviewed by margaret, 05/22/2014

Like Columbus, I took a chance and I am so glad I did. It was fun being surprised and the shirts were great.

Reviewed by Diane, 07/08/2012

I love Co-edikit shirts, and what could be better than two for $4.99? Both of my Grabbag Tees are great. One of them is even a tee that I was considering ordering! The other I had not seen, but it would have been one of my choices!

Reviewed by Jennea, 09/15/2011

This is a great idea! I always love my co-edikit t's and I never know what one to choose!!!

Reviewed by grab bag, 09/14/2011