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Pitch Black Coaster

" Well, aren't you just a little ray of pitch black."

Out Loud Coaster

"I always mean what I say. I just don't always mean to say it out loud."

Logical Coaster

" Why I don't like some people: 1% actual logical reason 99% I just don't"


Guardian Coaster

" My Guardian Angel drinks."

Fitness Coaster

" I'm into fitness...

fitness entire pizza in my mouth."

Died Work Coaster

" If I died and went straight to hell, it would take me a week to realize I wasn't at work anymore."

Coffee Shop Coaster

" At the coffee shop today, a guy sat with no smartphone. No tablet. No computer. He just sat, drinking his coffee. Like a psychopath."

Can't Adult Coaster

I can't adult today. Please don't make me adult.

Blood Alcohol Coaster

I don't have the blood alcohol level to deal with this right now.

Neoprene coaster for all occasions.

White top- black base

Dear Vodka Coaster

Dear Vodka,

You said I could dance, I've seen the video. We need to talk

Neooprene Coaster


Adult Coaster
Future Coaster
Bites Coaster